Power Energy Management System (HA108)

Power Energy Management System (HA108)
Power Energy Management System (HA108)Power Energy Management System (HA108)Power Energy Management System (HA108)Power Energy Management System (HA108)
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Energy Saving System
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200 piece
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Power Energy Management System (HA108)
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  • Type solar energy monitor

  • Certificate CE,RoHS

  • Quality support ISO9001 & ERP system

  • Quality guarantee one by one test

  • Guarantee 1 year

  • Brand MIEO

  • Producing history 12 years experience

  • Color white

  • Material plastic

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order200 piece


*Real time/historical data review electricity generation/consumption
*manage electricity data remotely on PC
*system control


[Brand Story]

MIEO is an international brand which always holds the concept of cherishing environment, healthcare, and the transmission of happiness. It keeps pace with people's lifestyle and quality of life, provides health and happy electronic products.

[Product Feature]

HA108 is the latest ecological system to measure and manage electricity. It has high accuracty and similar function of  Smart Meter. Be suitable for AC power measurement, analysis and monitoring for all kinds of electrical equipments and power systems. It is composed by Clamp Sensor, Transmitter, Gateway,  Ethernet Lan Cable, Energy Analysis Software on PC. User can check, analyse and control his energy consumption or generation remotely through professional internet website. It is widely used for family, building, commercial, agriculture and enterprises which need measure and monitor energy consumption or generation.


• The system can connect 3 MET (Measuring Transmitting Unit) measurement transmitters
• Each MET uses one clamp sensor for single and 3-phases, uses two clamp current sensors for two phases system.
• Voltage Range: 100VAC ~ 240VAC
• Current Range: 0.1A ~ 100A
• Measuring Power Factor Range: 0~1
• Power Margin of error: <3%
• Communication: PLC (Power Line Carrier)
• Transmission distance: about 90 meters
• 24Bit random address code as the identification
• Baud Rate: 600bps
• Carrier Frequency: 125Khz

• Temperature measurement range: 0 °C ~ +50 °C
• Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 °C
• Max temperature stored records: 144
• 48Bit globally unique MAC address as the identification
• Communication 1: PLC Power Line Carrier
• Communication 2: Ethernet interface, TCP / IP protocol
• Power data transmit to PC or the Internet Server
• Power Input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
• Max stored records for electricity data: 600 seconds, 2880 minutes, 128 hours, 64 days, 24 months,5 years

·Current measuring :0.1-150A
·Voltage measuring :110-250Vac
·Error rate:<3%
·View real-time energy data remotely via internet or smart phone
·Work with Easoft
·Includes:one CT, one MET and one Gateway
·Net metering capability
·Works with home electricity panel and solar/wind installations